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  • We are excited to be welcoming a summer student to work at the Green Beach this year! Stay tuned for updates & an introduction to our new team member

  • We are nearly done butchering pigs for the year so if you are in need of pork before summer, contact us soon so you don't miss out!

  • Located near Winnipeg, MB? Check out local shop Preserve on Portage Ave. to see Green Beach products on the shelves!

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New Blog Alert!

Check out our latest blog post "Why Bother Buying Direct" for a discussion on why you should consider sourcing your food straight from a farmer!

Farm Update

As we get into April that means we are nearing our favourite time of year at the Green Beach - Calving Season! The magic date this year is April 12, but it looks like we could have 1 or 2 early ones. Although there is still a fair bit of snow, we are thankful for the warmer temperatures. We also welcomed the first batch of pastured pigs earlier this week.  They will spend the first few weeks in the barn getting started and well trained to the electric fence before heading out to pasture for the summer. At any rate, spring is in the air and we expect to get busier over the coming weeks with baby animals as well as seeding in the garden & the field. We will do the best to keep everyone in the loop through our social media!


Pre-orders for 2022 chickens are now closed. Thank you everyone for your support! We can't believe how quickly we sold 500 chickens! If the summer goes well, we will have extras available in the fall of 2022, so stay tuned for updates. 

Chicken Pre-orders


What is REgenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative Agriculture is an approach to farming & food production that focuses on rebuiling soil health & restoring agroecosystem functionality. Through Regenerative Agriculture, farmers work with mother nature, rather than against her.