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What's in a Name?

Hey Green Beach followers! Thanks for checking out our very first blog post! We wanted another way to share what is going on around the farm, such as new projects or experiments we might be trying. We haven’t decided how regularly we will post a blog but keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages for updates on a new blog posting! Hope you enjoy the first edition of From the Ground Up!

As we have been asked a few times why we chose the farm name, “Green Beach Farm & Food”, we wanted to share the history and story behind the name.

The Roy Gamey family, (Karen’s father, Zack’s grandfather), has many fond memories of time spent at Salt Lake and the cabins located at what was known as Green’s Beach. Roy bought the 18 acres of lakeshore property in about 1949 from John Green, and later the cabin area; Green’s Beach is located on the east side of Salt Lake, about 3 miles south of Strathclair. There is quite an interesting history on Green’s Beach . . .

John Green, his wife Harriet, and young son Jack immigrated to Strathclair from Liverpool, England in 1905. In about 1910-1912, they bought 18 acres on Salt Lake (which Roy Gamey purchased). The Green’s built a cottage, later used by the Gamey’s, and around WWI they decided to develop this land into a resort. The Green’s Beach resort included 10 to 15 cottages and various sports & entertainment facilities including a tennis court, croquet court and lawn bowling. Of course there was swimming in the lake and apparently people came from miles around to bathe in the salt & mineral rich water, which was believed to have significant health benefits. In 1915, the Green’s also built a Band Stand on the lakeshore area known as “The Point”, which was screened in and housed a piano for their musical entertainment. In about 1917 or 1918, the Green’s Beach Band Stand was towed to Strathclair by horses and skids, to sit by the train station. As the story goes, the Band Stand was used as the venue to welcome soldiers returning home from the war. The Band Stand has additional special meaning for our family as it was later moved to the Strathclair Agricultural grounds and continues to be used as the announcer’s booth for the light horse show and other fair events. The Green’s Beach Band Stand has recently been restored and recognized by the Strathclair Museum as a historical building.

So, to tie this all together. . .

We continue to farm the 18 acres, known as Green’s Beach; we have protected the water, are regenerating the grass land, and we truly appreciate having access to Salt Lake. The name “Green Beach Farm & Food” has multiple, interconnected meanings for us:

  • Honouring the Green pioneer family and their development of Green’s Beach

  • “Green”, as in environmentally sound and friendly management of the land and water, with an ultimate goal of agroecosystem regeneration

  • We have, and continue to strive for a “Green” landscape by keeping a living root in the soil as long as possible

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